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Movable: Wireless vibration sensors are designed to be moved from one piece of equipment to another

In order to reduce measurement cost on site, our wireless vibration sensor has been designed to be moved from one measurement point to another easily, quickly and effectively. You can rely on the transmitter's ultra-powered magnet, and the transmitter location text area combined to the Road map service, to get results with this "moving strategy.

Wireless Vibration and Temperature: Vibration, Temperature, Humidity via transmitter and range extender

Each Monitor transmitter will provide you wireless vibration and temperature data including high resolution spectrum, equipment temperature and ambient temperature. Beside the distribution amplifier role, the range extender is part of the measurement network and provides ambient temperature and humidity at his location.

Cabling Cost: Wi-care go for zero cable policy in wireless vibration network

It’s obvious to anyone that the installation cost of an electrical system is negatively influenced by labor involved with the cabling. The Wi-care system works without cable to build your wireless vibration network. The only wire used is for the power supply in field. Note that the number of rage extender remains low in the system. The Gateway needs power and an Ethernet RJ45 connection in the control room to communicate.

Security: 128bit AES encryption, IEEE 802.15.4

At equal level, we care about data quality and data security. Based on a 128 bit AES encryption and the IEEE 802.15.4 communication protocol, I-care wireless sensor system offer the most recognized security standards with incredible levels of quality vibration data.

Safety: Hard to reach Location and harsh environment

Irrespective of the location, the Wi-care system offers you the opportunity to enhance your actual vibration monitoring system. You can install the transmitter in almost all areas to enable readings to be taken as often as necessary even in the most inaccessible or severe of areas.

Economic: Avoid travel cost for measurement

Your condition based maintenance may be supported by a partnership with an expert company. One of the costs that both parties are keen to avoid is the travel cost. We usually consider that 1/3 of the final bill is spent in travel expenses. Using the Wi-care wireless system coupled to the I-CARE remote vibration diagnostic team offers a chance to cut these travel costs.

Fault tracking: More frequent data collection

The Wi-care system allows you to configure from the web platform a data collection period up to 1 minute. This configuration setting via the internet gives the opportunity to track any on-going defect. The alarm management system inside Wi-care will automatically send email or SMS to I-CARE’s 24/7 remote vibration diagnostic team to ensure a fast analysis of a sudden alarm.

Quick configuration: Auto organized network and Vibration program set up

Communication between gateway, range extender and transmitter is auto organized. The network builds itself automatically so no configuration is needed. Just install the battery, power the system and receive your data. The Vibration program is set up to create for you the vibration database and parameters of vibration spectrum acquisition. In the unlikely event of relay failure, the Network density ensures the success of the data transfer.

Easy to install: Magnetize and receive data

The combo transmitter of Wi-care system is designed to be mounted using either a classical M6 mounting stud or a ultrapowered magnet. We believe that the magnetized solution offers the right balance between strong fixing and quick installation time.

Battery life: More than 5 years with regular spectrum acquisition

The unique power management of the transmitter and the innovative construction of Wi-care enables a 5 year battery life to be achieved.

Data quality: High spectrum quality for vibration wireless monitoring

A good vibration wireless monitoring is allowed by a high quality spectrum, Wi-care deliver spectrum with very low noise level < 2mG. The spectrum parameters are configurable via the web platform to reach a spectrum resolution from 100 to 12800 lines; a waveform resolution from 200 to 32000 points; a sampling rate from 100Hz to 32kHz and a frequency definition from 0 to 16 kHz.

Wake up your actual sensors: Wi-care revamp your actual sensors

I-care wireless sensor is compatible with most of your actual sensors to provide a wireless monitoring solution in less than a minute. Wi-care transmitter can be screwed to your actual mounted sensor to turn them into a wireless condition monitoring system. If your old vibration online system is almost dismantled, they still have high value by reloading them in the Wi-care system!

Flexible access to online vibration analysis : QR code reading, Touchscreen gateway, any access, ...

TheWi-care system provides an innovative web platform access using either QR code reading (via a smartphone), the touchscreen gateway option, or any modern web access. This would apply whether you are inspector looking for onsite instant value and trend (QR code); an operator in the control room tracking any malfunction alarm (touchscreen) or a reliability engineer reading online vibration analysis data and reports from their office via the web platform. I-care remote diagnostic or the global reliability manager are able to check reliability KPI and machinery health, even when away from the office. Using the Web platform-performance dashboard you will find Wi-care a convenient and efficient monitoring tool.

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