Customize your Wi-care !

You can have your own branding on Wi-care transmitter

 I-Care is proud to announce more flexible marketing of Wi-care product.

Inside a distribution process, in order to allow you a better branding of your company at customer site, Wi-care style can be customized. From now on, the general color and the logo on the top of Wi-care transmitters can be adapted to reflect your company image. Imagine walking at your customer site and seeing a colony of Wi-care protective mushrooms growing on every critical machinery... They will show your colors and logo ensuring a perfect representation of your activity.

You can get your custom Wi-care from an order of 32 transmitters. You will be able to choose a mono color to cover the transmitter sides. You can specify your own logo on the transmitter top cover. You can have your own Qr code image. Your company name can appear on the Wi-care nameplate.

For a larger amount of 80 WI-care monitor system, you even can have your logo printed on our vibration and temperature sensor. In this last case, only your company name will be visible on the product.

We strongly believe that this new feature represents an advantage for your visibility on site making Wi-care wireless vibration and temperature monitoring system even more flexible.


 customize your wi-care

Distributors wanted

You like our wireless system; you believe your customers will be also enthusiastic.  I invite you to join our team to develop your activity via the Wi-care system.
Join the I-CARE growing network by answering our research for durable sales partnership over Europe, Africa, Asia and USA.
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Nicolas Bleret, I-care, Belgium
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