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With 8 years of partnership with I-Care, we recently had the opportunity to test the results of their latest development in vibration analysis ... The Wi-Care! We have placed under Wi-care surveillance one of our most critical items of equipment, a planetary gearbox, to ensure the best possible follow-up. Within minutes, the device was installed ... Wirelessly and via communication to the I-Care servers without the need to go through our internal network, this system offers the advantage of being very flexible: it may very well be on a critical equipment today and tomorrow on another. It may only be necessary to adapt the analysis parameters.....We can then trend these machines and drill down into the analysis via the spectra measurement, so each defect can be identified and monitored (with the possibility of issuing alarms on each sensor) to prepare our intervention and operate as long as possible our machines with a controlled risk. Early identification of defects provides the opportunity to respond before collateral damage ; production interruption is shortened and the intervention is "clean" (having been well prepared) and large breakages are avoided.

Advantages of the formula:"leasing" proposed by I-Care helps to always have a monitoring system on top of technology and order without extra costs (failure - maintenance - communication problem ...)

Disadvantages of the formula: costs are split every year and its difficult to defend it as a particular investment.

Sébastien Hennart, CBR Antoing
Reliability Engineer

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Nicolas Bleret, I-care, Belgium
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