Monitoring of typical pumps and aerator in a water treatment plant

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 The wireless vibration network of Wi-care system consists of the communication between three components; the transmitter, the range extender and the receiver. The transmitter is fixed on the machine and transmits the vibration and the temperature data at the measurement point. The second element of the Wi-care wireless network is the range extender, its function is to transmit vibration and temperature data over long distances to the receiver. The third part of the communication path is the receiver/gateway which automatically and continuously organizes the network. The web platform allows you to access all data including vibration spectrum, analysis and recommendations reports, you can also manage data collection parameters like periodic time interval, on demand acquisition, alarm/alert level acquisition or even the spectrum parameters without physical interaction

The following case study describes a remote analysis of 3 typical equipment inside a water treatment process. Wi-care wireless network is monitoring over distances temperature and spectral vibration of an aerator, an underground centrifugal pump and a vertical effluent pump

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 Equipment, Context:

Surface aerator: Vertical equipment, gearbox associated very high cost for wired solution, aggressive environment, very few visual and periodical inspections.

Centrifugal pump: Located underground in concrete basement, busy area, pipes and metal structure all around.

Effluent pump: Vertical equipment, remote location, integrate a bearing under water

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Analyst diagnosis and spectrum justification: Bearing

We observed a vibration at 2,51 orders (30 Hz) relative to a bearing defect. The vibration amplitude is acceptable 1G Pk-Pk




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