Outer race defect detection and monitoring on a crusher bearing: cement plant


thumb wi-care case study cement- crusher-bearing1With very few operations, Wi-care can turn your current online vibration system into a wireless permanent online vibration analysis. You may already have a wired vibration system installed on your critical assets but you are aware that over the time the system is less and less effective due to malfunctions, wire damages, losses. You can connect the Wi-care transmitter to almost all your vibration sensors to get the added values of the wireless vibration. The Wi-care system provides an innovative web platform access using either QR code reading (via a smartphone), the touchscreen gateway option, or any modern web access. This would apply whether you are an inspector looking for onsite instant value and trend (QR code); an operator in the control room tracking any malfunction alarm (touchscreen) or a reliability engineer reading online vibration analysis data and reports from an office via the web platform. The I-care remote diagnostics team or the global reliability manager can check reliability KPI and machinery health, even when away from the office.

The following case study describes and explains a typical remote analysis application of bearing defect detection on a crusher. The detection and continuous surveillance was set up in a very effective way for the customer and analyst.


Equipment, plant overview, Context

The meaning of installing Wi-care wireless vibration condition monitoring system was to offer a continuous surveillance of the crusher bearing health until the planned shutdown and after.

Four Wi-care wireless sensors were installed in axial and radial directions on the two crusher bearing housing. The vibration diagnosis before and after bearing replacement demonstrate the various remote vibration analysis opportunities offered by the use of Wi-care system.

Analyst diagnosis and spectrum justification: Outer race bearing fault detection

 Vibration analysis on crusher bearing before replacement


spectbefore-wi-care study-cemen- crusher-bearing1Spectrum Outboard bearing axial 25/09 15 :38

 Vibration analysis on crusher bearing AFTER replacement

Vibration measurement consecutive to bearing replacement the 30 th September


spectbefore-wi-care study-cemen- crusher-bearing2Sprectrum outboard bearing axial 08/10 11 :07

Vibration analysis after bearing replacement

After bearing replacement, we observe a huge decrease of vibration amplitudes on the crusher outboard bearing. The bearing fault frequencies coming from the outer race totally disappear.

We detect today some vibrations pics multiples of the rotation speed at 4,9 Hz mainly on the outboard bearing indicating a small looseness.We detect from time to time impacts in the waveform due to random impacts during crushing process. We also detect some temperature variations of the bearing due to start-up and shut down of the equipment. Maximal temperature recorded doesn’t indicate any fault and are in line with expectation for the crusher. We detect no significant bearing fault frequency. Balancing OK. Lubrication OK. No particular attention is required.

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