Petrochemistry: Monitoring the magnetic clutch of a boiler fan

clutch fan

Any wireless network vibration system must take into account its own safety. Although temperature and vibration data of are generally not considered sensitive, it is not acceptable to allow this information to be accessed by anyone. The fear of loss or data piracy when we use a wireless system is always present in our minds. Based on a 128 bit AES encryption and the IEEE 802.15.4 communication protocol, the I-care wireless sensor system offers the most recognized security standards with incredible levels of quality vibration data. We must also consider that the Wi-care Wireless Vibration system is completely independent and does not interact in any way with other wired or wireless systems

The following case study represents a typical remote analysis application of a boiler fan. 

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 Equipment, Context:  

 The manufacturing site is a steam cracker in Europe operating 24 hours 7 days a week. To ensure its production, the plant has three boilers supplying in vapor several steam turbines and furnaces. The monitored equipment is a fan linked to a boiler. Fan is equipped with a magnetic-clutch allowing a driving from either an electrical motor either a turbine.The shafting is historically unreliable, especially at the clutch location. Clutch is mounted on four bearings.

 Customer request for Wi-care

Complete bearing and shaft damage occur with very high and fast temperature increase. No system in place was able to detect and react quickly enough. Vibration and temperature monitoring via Wi-care is installed as an ideal solution for fan protection and prediction.

           clutch fan closer

Analyst diagnosis and spectrum justification: Good condition

We detect a peak at 1X RPM (16.9 Hz) on each clutch bearings which indicate an unbalance. The amplitudes are stable and acceptable.

We also detect a peak at 37.5 Hz and at 105.0 Hz matching to the middle and high speed frequency from the coupling gearbox. The levels associated to these frequencies are negligible.

We don’t observe other frequencies which indicate significant fault 

clutch fan spect


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