Prevention of a sealing failure on a centrifugal pump in Brewery


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The entire vibration market within the Conditional Maintenance industry is moving towards wireless monitoring networks. For decades, our industry has been equipped with continuous vibration and temperature monitoring systems. The successful installations around the world are actively involved in the provision of rotating machinery health data and resulting maintenance decisions. The new trend is to remove some of the annoyances related to these wired systems by replacing them with wireless networks. A fundamental innovation of the Wi-care system is to be able to connect to your old vibration sensors, remove their cables and turn them into wireless vibration sensors in just a few minutes.

The following case study represents a typical remote analysis application of a centrifugal pump. This pump is related to a washer in the Brewery. The fault was detected in a very effective way for the customer and analyst.


Equipment, plant overview, Context

The Manufacturing site is a Brewery producing beer in Belgium. Plant operating at close to full capacity 24/7. The Equipment is a large washer for recycled glass bottle. The analyzed machine components are the centrifugal pump for water supply to the washer. The pumps suffer regularly from leakage and sealing fast degradation. The Customer requested I-Care support after a sealing replacement for vibration check. In order to do an in-depth diagnosis and permanent monitoring of the vibration on the complete assembly, the analyst decide to install Wi-care wireless system.

Analyst diagnosis and spectrum justification: Imbalance leading to sealing failure

 The Wi-care system is set up on the motor-pump directly in radial and axial direction. Four sensors were installed and give a large amount of information. After fault analysis on pump N°121, customer has installed the Wi-care on a similar pump (N°221) for data comparison.

Standard spectrum collected via Wi-care in the vertical axis on pump N°121. Display in speed units. The dominant frequency appear at 43,1 Hz.            


Wi-care case study Brewery - pict3This frequency at 43,1 Hz is related to a vibration at rotation speed. It appears that the vibration is due to an imbalance of the wheel. That level of vibration 13,4 mm/sec RMS create extra forces on the pump sealing leading to faster degradation.


Standard spectrum collected via Wi-care in the vertical axis on pump N°221. Display in speed units. No dominant frequency. Vibration level is 0,38 mm/sec RMS. This is considered as a healthy pump. 

Wi-care case study Brewery - pict4The spectrum comparaison between pump 121 and 221 indicate the degree of fault severity on pump N°121. The analyst recommend to the customer to stop the pump at weekly short shutdown for pump vanes inspection. 

Wi-care case study Brewery - pict5



Here attached the trend of vibration during start of pump N°121 after sealing replacements before I-care request for pump inspection.

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