Wi-care compact USB module

usb-moduleWi-care new usb module to coordinate the private Wi-care Wireless network is now available. In its Wi-care classical packaging, the compact USB module ensure the desired function of network organization with a reduced antenna gain below 5dBi and a minimal ERP -17,15 dBW (0,01928 W).



USB (5V)

Transmitter Power Output (TPO)

-20 dBW (10dBm)

Antenna Gain

5 dBi

Effective Radiated Power (ERP)

-17,15 dBW (0,01928 W)

Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP)

-15 dBW (0,03162 W)


CE Approved

Model Number


Operating Conditions



Operating Temperature

-30°C to 85°C



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Wireless vibration and temperature sensor

wi-care-sensorI-Care wireless sensor

According to their industrial experience, I-care is proud to introduce their spectral wireless vibration and temperature transmitter: Wi-care.

Thanks to more than 10 years of industrial experience in condition based maintenance, Wi-care is born to accurately, safely and cost effectively monitor spectrum vibration and temperature in hard-to-reach locations and extreme conditions. Wi-care, designed and built 100% by I-care, will provide an alternative solution to manual data collection or temporary online monitoring.

Wi-care offers the highest diagnostic capabilities of online vibration analysis and reduces non value-added costs of mounting, cabling and travel expenses.

As Wi-care is compatible with most of your actual vibration sensors, it will turn them into a wireless vibration and temperature sensor in less than a minute!
According to I-CARE go for zero cable policy, I-care wireless sensor gives you a complete "all in one" wireless condition monitoring system, vibration level and high resolution spectrum, bearing parameter value, ambient temperature and machine temperature. Model number-WM101111110

Technical sheets

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Wireless vibration network

wi-care-range-extenderRange extender is also a wireless temperature and humidity sensor

The efficiency and reliability of Wi-care wireless vibration network data transfer is based on a sufficient amount of Wi-care range extender.

The Range extender network is auto organized to carry the information between them to the Gateway. In the unlikely event of transmission failure, the network density ensures the success of the data transfer.
We care about real industrial life transmission distances. Wi-care has been developed, from an early stage, to deliver a competitive powerful wireless vibration and temperature system based on protocol, demonstrating proven industrial results. Note that each Range extender has the capability to act into the wireless vibration network as a wireless temperature and humidity sensor.

At equal level, we care about data quality and data security. Wi-care offers the most recognized security standards and show incredible levels of vibration data quality. The resolution and response of the Wi-care spectrum surpasses many of the present portable data collectors and is equal to the best ever produced. Model-WR111111000

Technical sheets

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Vibration wireless monitoring via Wi-care gateway

The gateway allow remote vibration diagnosis

wi-care-gatewayThe absence of software, coupled with the ability to view and configure by a unique web platform, ensures that Wi-care is the most flexible vibration wireless monitoring system on the market today.

The System provides an innovative web platform access using either QR code reading (via a smartphone); the touchscreen gateway option, or any modern web access. This would apply whether you are inspector looking for onsite instant value and trend (QR code); an operator in the control room tracking any malfunction alarm (touchscreen) or a reliability engineer reading online vibration analysis data and reports from their office via the web platform.

I-care remote diagnosis team or the global reliability manager are able to verify reliability KPI and machinery health, even when away from the office. Using the Web platform for vibration wireless monitoring you will find Wi-care very convenient. Model number-WG111111000

You can also discover our Compact USB module (part. of some Gateways).
Ask your vendor or contact us for more details.

Technical sheets

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Wireless condition monitoring services

Condition based maintenance partnership

Wi-care is promoted by I-careTM as the new tool of the remote 24/7 Wireless Condition Monitoring department. We consider the rental or purchase of the vibration and temperature wireless system to be the base of your cost effective condition based maintenance diagnosis partnership with I-care.

In addition to the commissioning of the system, we can offer a complete package of services including the reference acquisition/analysis, the strategy set up and a training course on the Wi-care System. Using Wi-care as wireless condition monitoring system, I-care remote vibration diagnosis team can provide valuable spectrum analysis with machinery health and maintenance advice.


Distributors wanted

You like our wireless system; you believe your customers will be also enthusiastic.  I invite you to join our team to develop your activity via the Wi-care system.
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