Vibration wireless monitoring via Wi-care gateway

The gateway allow remote vibration diagnosis

wi-care-gatewayThe absence of software, coupled with the ability to view and configure by a unique web platform, ensures that Wi-care is the most flexible vibration wireless monitoring system on the market today.

The System provides an innovative web platform access using either QR code reading (via a smartphone); the touchscreen gateway option, or any modern web access. This would apply whether you are inspector looking for onsite instant value and trend (QR code); an operator in the control room tracking any malfunction alarm (touchscreen) or a reliability engineer reading online vibration analysis data and reports from their office via the web platform.

I-care remote diagnosis team or the global reliability manager are able to verify reliability KPI and machinery health, even when away from the office. Using the Web platform for vibration wireless monitoring you will find Wi-care very convenient. Model number-WG111111000

You can also discover our Compact USB module (part. of some Gateways).
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Technical sheets

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