Wi-care wireless vibration for windturbine

Wi-care has launch its new version suitable for windturbine.

Looking for wireless vibration and temperature monitoring of windturbine, here is Windcare.


 Windcare is the remote wireless spectrum vibration diagnostics system.

Key features:

- Quick and simple installation

- Automatic, continuous fault detection

- Validation of faults by our ISO certified engineers

- Centralisation of information on our multilingual PORTAL




Windcare: I-care is delivering a complete service !

Main package:

Continuous/periodic vibration analysis on: Main shaft, Gearbox, Generator

Oil analysis on the multipliereol2

Infrared thermography on the medium and high voltage electrical boxes


Remote vibration analysis

Endoscopy on the multiplier

Oil analysis on the yaw and pitch system

Thermography/oil analysis on the transformers

Vibration analysis on the pitch motors


Distributors wanted

You like our wireless system; you believe your customers will be also enthusiastic.  I invite you to join our team to develop your activity via the Wi-care system.
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Nicolas Bleret, I-care, Belgium
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