Wireless vibration network

wi-care-range-extenderRange extender is also a wireless temperature and humidity sensor

The efficiency and reliability of Wi-care wireless vibration network data transfer is based on a sufficient amount of Wi-care range extender.

The Range extender network is auto organized to carry the information between them to the Gateway. In the unlikely event of transmission failure, the network density ensures the success of the data transfer.
We care about real industrial life transmission distances. Wi-care has been developed, from an early stage, to deliver a competitive powerful wireless vibration and temperature system based on protocol, demonstrating proven industrial results. Note that each Range extender has the capability to act into the wireless vibration network as a wireless temperature and humidity sensor.

At equal level, we care about data quality and data security. Wi-care offers the most recognized security standards and show incredible levels of vibration data quality. The resolution and response of the Wi-care spectrum surpasses many of the present portable data collectors and is equal to the best ever produced. Model-WR111111000

Technical sheets

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